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‚ÄčThe Asheville Pretzel Company Story

Inspired after an  evening of sampling some (OK, quite a bit) of the incredible varieties of locally crafted beer available in Asheville, two friends, Steve and Bert, realized that something was missing from their evening of imbibing.  The beer was great, but their stomachs yearned for more, something to compliment all that hops and barley.  The two quickly decided that locally crafted beer deserved locally crafted snacks.  Steve, originally from Pennsylvania (which is recognized as the birthplace of pretzels in the USA), knew that he had found the perfect accompaniment for the beer and the Asheville Pretzel Company was born.

We use only the finest ingredients to create handcrafted artisan pretzels.  Our pretzels are not only unique, but are perfectly aligned with Asheville's beer culture.  After all, what goes better with beer than pretzels (and, likewise, what goes better with pretzels than beer)?

Asheville Pretzels are available in over 30 locations in North and South Carolina.